Auto Body Care

We have invested in the most modern technology available in the auto body care market. This we have done to be able to deliver just the best services to our customers in this regard. The service is divided into:

  • Body work and
  • Painting.

Both are complimentary as they are mostly offered together.
We like to draw our customers’ attention to the fact that we only offer this service to customers who want to re-paint or change the color of their vehicles.

Due to our limited space, we do not repair mangled bodies due to collision or other form of accident. Our charge is emblock covering full body preparation work, auto base painting and oven baking. Our body care process includes:

  • Surface preparation
  • Applying sealers
  • Paint services using high quality paints and automated drying system
  • Applying protective wax for finishing

All these processes are performed by carefully selected technicians under best quality control system obtainable in the auto body care market.